Healthy Business

Optimize the Continuity and Efficiency of Your Business with Healthy Business from S10Plus.

Take your worries away with the Healthy Business Service, designed to ensure operational continuity and maximize resource efficiency through advanced network monitoring.

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Our solution adapts to dynamic businesses, offering easy integration and unmatched adaptability to changing customer needs.


Business continuity

Healthy Business offers proactive network monitoring, ensuring smooth operational continuity and minimizing downtime to keep your operations running without interruption.


With constant monitoring and advanced analytics, our solution strengthens the security of your network, protecting it against potential threats and risks.

Advice from a
Group of Experts

S10Plus puts experts at your service to monitor entire environments of your infrastructure regardless of the size of the data network.

Prevention and correction
of Problems

The Healthy Business service provides information for timely decision-making. Additionally, it offers alternatives to solve problems that may arise on the network.


Low Investment by Not Having to Acquire Any Specialized SW or HW.


Consulting, Advice, Analysis and Capacity Planning

As part of the service, we offer expert advice, detailed analysis and strategic planning to enhance the capabilities of your business.


We identify and analyze all the elements of your network, providing recommendations and improvement proposals with a focus on the Business Architecture Framework (TOGAF) standard.

Full Stack

The service includes comprehensive monitoring from the user to real-time connectivity.

Unified Views
of the Service

We provide unified views of the service, always in the right environment to visualize and indicate details. This includes customized dashboards for specific information, such as details about crashes, so the intelligence team can address them.


We implement systems integration to achieve a single view of your services, simplifying management and decision making. The service allows the configuration of alerts in case anomalies are found in network elements.

Considerable Decrease
in Resolution Times (MTTR)

Our approach results in a significant reduction in problem resolution times, improving operational efficiency. Our team thoroughly analyzes your network, providing specific and strategic recommendations to improve operational efficiency.

Proactive Alerting and Notifications by Trained Personnel

The solution integrates proactive alerts and notifications managed by highly trained personnel, guaranteeing a quick and effective response to any eventuality.


We offer customized services to specifically suit your businesss needs, ensuring Healthy Business aligns perfectly with your goals.

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