Optimize the Efficiency of Your Operations with the Latest Technology in Field Service Management!

Our innovative solution, Work Force Manager and Field Services Manager, is specifically designed to drive productivity, efficiency and operational excellence for any organization, small, medium or large.

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Welcome to the future of field service management with S10Plus.

Discover how our cutting-edge SaaS solution can transform your business.

At S10Plus, we are committed to offering technology solutions that fit the specific needs of your organization. Our Work Force Manager and Field Services Manager solution is dynamic and highly adaptable, allowing for seamless integration into your current operations. With an intuitive and friendly interface, we facilitate the management of all activities related to field services.


Optimización de recursos

Maximize the efficiency of your resources by intelligently assigning tasks, optimizing routes and accurately scheduling activities, reducing operating costs.


Increase your teams productivity by eliminating duplication of effort, simplifying processes, and providing real-time access to key information.

Improving customer

Deliver exceptional service with faster response, accurate arrival times, and real-time tracking for customer satisfaction.


Obtain valuable information through detailed analyzes and personalized reports for making strategic decisions based on concrete data.


Being a SaaS solution, it allows you to reduce implementation times, ensuring efficient and fast integration.


Real Time Tracking

Maintain absolute control over all field activities thanks to our real-time GIS tracking functionality. Get instant updates on technician locations, task progress, and schedule changes. This constant monitoring capacity not only improves operational transparency, but also allows a quick response to any unforeseen event, ensuring agile and efficient management.


The versatility of our solution is reflected in its ability to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of existing systems. Whatever your organizations technological infrastructure, S10Plus adapts seamlessly, allowing for a smooth transition and seamless operation. Additionally, thanks to our flexible APIs, customizing and expanding the functionality of our tool is easy and accessible.

Generative Artificial

The S10Plus Generative Artificial Intelligence solution allows you to generate responses automatically, making Chatbot training efficient and improving the experience of end users by having a more natural interaction.

Smart Task

Our platform uses strategies and functionalities for mobile devices that make field personnel management efficient and provide indicators for decision making. We employ advanced task assignment algorithms, considering geographic location, specific staff skills, and established priorities. This intelligent functionality optimizes time and resources, increasing operational efficiency and minimizing waiting times.


With our tool, activity scheduling becomes a simplified and automated process. Chat can be used to assign work in real time. We use real-time data on locations, traffic, and resource availability to establish accurate and efficient schedules. This translates into greater punctuality in the provision of services, route optimization, reduction of costs associated with travel and improvement of customer satisfaction. The solution has a BI (Business Intelligence) system that facilitates organization, analysis and effective decision making by having real-time information.

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