Welcome to the future where technology in soil is used, lived.

This story begins in 2015 with the birth of S10, a Mexican company dedicated to offering business technology services. In a market saturated with providers offering products, we identified an important gap: the lack of maintenance, updating and prevention services, a “refill” necessary to maximize the efficiency of products. We set out to reach our customers through rapid changes in society, allowing them to adapt in a comprehensive way.

Sketches and Ideas

From the beginning, our vision was clear: to become an agency that understood how technology would transform the future of business.

Over time, S10 evolved and expanded its operations to other countries, transforming into S10PLUS. Currently, we are encouraged to have national coverage, solid strategic alliances with the best providers worldwide, and a diverse portfolio of projects that include collaborations with the government and transnational companies. Our trajectory reflects the constant commitment of S10PLUS to excellence and adaptability in the changing technological landscape.

You are part of the process

During development, we experimented with a variety of color palettes in relation to the brands identity, with the aim of finding the perfect balance that reflects the essence we wanted to communicate. The incorporation of mockups proved to be an essential component in this process, allowing us to present in a more effective and visual way what we were seeking to convey.

These mockups on the ground facilitate the visualization of our ideas, but they also play a key role in providing a more realistic and detailed representation of how the brand would materialize in different contexts and situations.